Quick Answer: What Are Panther Funds?

Do Panther funds carry over?

There are no transaction fees or minimum balances with Panther Funds and funds roll over from semester to semester, year to year.

Panther Funds are safe and only you can use your Panther Card for a transaction using Panther Funds..

Where are Panther funds accepted?

Panther Funds are accepted for copying and other services at Copy Cat and the University Library System. Withdraw Panther Funds for postage and mailing supplies at University Mailing Services, and for all residence hall laundry facilities. Panther Funds are also accepted at over 50 off-campus merchants.

What are dining dollars?

Dining Dollars are bonus money added to a students’ ID card when they purchase a 17, 14, or 10 meal plan. Students who purchase a 14 or 17 meal plan will receive $150 dining dollars each semester.

Do dining dollars roll over?

All students may purchase or increase a plan at any time during the semester. All students may purchase Dining Dollars and/or Campus Cash at any time during the semester. Dining Dollars roll over from the fall to spring semester.

How do I get my Pitt ID?

Every student, faculty and central staff member at the University of Pittsburgh must obtain an ID card from Panther Central, located in the Litchfield Towers Main Lobby. Employees at the regional campuses may arrange to obtain ID cards by contacting their campus personnel office.

What is my UWM student ID number?

A student’s Campus ID is found below their legal first and last name on their Panther Card.

How do I put money on my Panther Card?

Click “Logon to the PantherCard Office” to access your account. You are now logged into the PantherCard Online Card Office. To add funds, select “Make a Deposit” from the left side of the screen. Complete the form requesting billing and credit card information as well as the amount of the deposit.

What is a Panther Card?

Your Panther Card is your official UWM identification card and is an essential part of campus life. It is the key to accessing services throughout the University.

Where can I use Pitt dining dollars?

Dining Dollars can be used at any of our on-campus eateries. If you want to take family and friends to dine-in at Market Central and The Perch at Sutherland, you simply use Dining Passes. You may use a maximum of three Dining Passes, one for yourself and two for guests, per meal period.

How do I check my Pitt dining dollars?

To check your balance of Dining Dollars go to the Panther Central portal on My.Pitt.edu….All About Meal MembershipsFirst year residents are required; upper-class residents, apartment-style residents, and commuters are able to purchase.Unlimited meals to The Eatery or The Perch. … One hour wait period inbetween meals.More items…

What is Pitt ID?

Your PeopleSoft ID number (i.e. Student ID number) is a 7-digit number that identifies you in the University of Pittsburgh records system. You can find your PeopleSoft ID number via your Student Center in your my.pitt.edu account or on the bottom right hand corner of your Pitt Student Photo ID.

How do I get my Panther ID GSU?

To receive a PantherCard, registered students should bring a valid, government-issued, photo ID to the any of the PantherCard offices as identification. Faculty and staff PantherCards may be obtained after all Human Resources paperwork has been processed.

What is my Pitt username?

Your username is generally a three letter and number which is a part of your email address. It may be something like “lst43.” It its the same thing you use to log in to my.pitt.edu.